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Chapter X Deka DNS

The DNS menu sets up the Domain Name Server (DNS) and everything related to DNS. DNS itself is a system used to convert IP addresses into the form of a web page domain, making it easier to access website addresses because website addresses in the form of domains using words can be set as desired.

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10.1 DNS

10.1.1 Create DNS

This menu describes how to create a DNS.

  • Go to the DNS page, the page displays DNS Management

Image 10.1 DNS Management Page

  • Then type the desired DNS name, for example, then click the Add Site button

Image 10.2 Input DNS

  • Then the Create Overview page will appear. There is cloudeka nameserver information used by the DNS. The user must change the nameservers and then click Check Nameservers. After changing the nameservers click Back

Image 10.3 Create Overview Page

  • It can be seen status is Active on DNS Management page

Image 10.4 DNS Management Page - DNS Active

10.1.2 Setting DNS Management

  • Click on

Image 10.5 DNS Management Page

  • DNS Management for page appears

Image 10.6 DNS Management Page- Setting DNS Management - Add Record

  • Click Add Record

Image 10.7 Add Record

  • Fill in the record then click Save button

Image 10.8 Input Record

Table 10.1 Detail of Add Record

Column Description
Type Users can choose data type for explanations can be seen in Table 10.2 List of Data Type and Type
Name Fill domain name because this field must be filled in
Content Adjusting to Type selected for this field must be filled in
TTL If the TTL is emptied the default calue stores is 86400 (24 Hours)

The following is an explanation of the types of data used:

Table 10.2 List of Data Types

Type Data Type Description Example
A IPv4 For IP address version 4, use 32 bits
AAAA IPV6 For IP address version 6, use 128 bits 2001:0000:3238:DFE1:0063:0000:0000:FEFB
MX String Used for email server identification -
- ‘’
- “”
TXT String Used for SSL verification. -
- ’'
SRV String Used to place futher related to service (IP, port, or other description) 100 43
CNAME String Digunakan untuk memetakan nama alias ke nama domain -
- ‘’
- “”
SPF String Userd for email security “v=spf1 -all”
PTR String Used as reverse text of a record -
- ‘’
- “” Setting DNS Management - Add Custom Nameservers

  • On the DNS Management page
  • The uses clicks the Add Custom Nameservers button to modify the server name

Image 10.9 Setting Management-Add Custom Nameservers

  • Fill in Nameserver, ns1, ns2 on the Setup Custom Nameservers page, for the domain that has been entered will be immediately created and activated. If the name servers are currently enabled they will be replaced with new records.

Image 10.10 Setup Custom Nameservers

Table 10.3 Setup Custom Nameervers

Nameservers Select server name
ns1 Server name 1
ns2 Server name 2

10.1.3 Delete DNS

  • User can delete DNS that is no longer in use. Go to DNS page, the page will show DNS Management

Image 10.11 DNS Management

  • Click action button with 3 dots aligned downwards

Image 10.12 DNS Management - DNS Delete(a)

  • Click Delete button

Image 10.13 DNS Management- DNS Delete(b)

  • DNS Delete pop-up appears, click Confirm button

Image 10.14 Delete DNS Confirm

  • Type the name of the delected DNS, then click Delete button

Image 10.15 Delete DNS Confirm

  • A notification appears DNS has been successfully deleted

Image 10.16 DNS Deleted Successfully

  • After the DNS is successfully deleted, the user will return to the DNS Management page

Image 10.17 DNS Management Page