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Chapter IX: 9.4 Database Access Using Other Apps

  • The IP address used by the user’s computer can be found by typing the link in the browser or via Command Prompt (CMD) by typing curl

Image 9.59 IP check display -

Image 9.60 IP check display - CMD

  • Go to RDBMS page
  • On the Data Stores page, click the Details button

Image 9.61 Data Stores Page - Details

  • Click the Firewall tab, click the Create trusted source button

Image 9.62 Data Stores Page - Details

  • Type the IP obtained from or from Command Prompt (CMD) then click the Create button

Image 9.63 Input IP Address

Image 9.64 Success Notification

  • Click the Services tab, click the Copy to Clipboard button

Image 9.65 Services Tab

Image 9.66 Services Tab - Connection Information

Table 9.11 Detailed Connection Information

mysql Type of database connection used
ccxadmin The username used to log in to the database
0iBd3yG1NxkxKKHm Password used to enter the database Host servers
3306 Server ports
ccxdb Database name

  • Open the database processing application installed on the user’s computer, for example DBeaver
  • Click File then click New

Image 9.67 DBeaver - New Connection

  • Click Database Connection then click Next

Image 9.68 DBeaver - Database Connection

  • Click MySQL then click Next

Image 9.69 DBeaver - Select Database

  • In Connection Setting, fill in the Server Host, Port, Database, Username, Password sections according to Table 9.11 Connection Information Details

Image 9.70 DBeaver - Connection Settings

  • Then press the Test Connection button, if successful appears Connection Test

Image 9.71 DBeaver - Connection Test Results

  • In DBeaver section Database Navigator can be seen Database ccxdb

Image 9.72 DBeaver - Database ccxdb