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Chapter II: 2.7 Resize Root Disk

You can increase the disk root size when your VM instance needs additional storage space. You can only resize the root disk to increase its size, you cannot reduce the size of the root disk.

Image 2.81 Instance Page

  • In the Action column, click More, then select Resize Root Disk.

Image 2.82 Instance Page - Resize Root Disk

  • Enter the size of Root Disk as needed, but the root disk cannot be below 20GB. then click Resize Root Disk to save or cancel if you don’t change the size of the root disk.

Image 2.83 Instance Page - Increase Root Disk Size

  • There will be a process of expanding the size of the root disk.

Image 2.84 Instance Page - Process Increase Root Disk

  • New data that has been saved is automatically updated in the Instance list

Image 2.85 Instance Page