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Chapter II: 2.6 Resize Instance

You can change the existing machine type if it doesn’t suit the workload you are running on the VM. You can change the VM machine type to match the amount of vCPU and memory as your workload changes.

Image 2.76 Instance Page

  • In the Action column, click More, then select Resize Instance.

Image 2.77 Instance Page - Resize Instance

  • Select the machine type and adjust the cpu and memory as needed, then click the Resize button.
    • General, VM size provides a balanced CPU to memory ratio.
    • Compute Optimized, delivers the highest performance CPU on Compute Engine and is optimized for compute intensive workloads.
    • Shared, this provides a cost-effective method for running small applications that are not resource intensive.
    • Memory Optimized, provides high memory to CPU ratio, optimized for memory-intensive workloads.

Table 2.3 vCPU/RAM

Type Description vCPU/RAM
Shared Based on 1 vCPU 1 vCPU/1GB, 1 vCPU/3GB,1 vCPU/4GB
General CPU:RAM eq 1:2,1:3 2vCPU/4GB, 2vCPU/6GB, 4vCPU/8GB, 4vCPU/12GB, 8vCPU/16GB, 8vCPU/24GB, 16vCPU/32GB, 16vCPU/48GB, 32vCPU/64GB, 32vCPU/96GB
Compute Optimized CPU:RAM eq 1:1 2vCPU/2GB, 4vCPU/4GB, 8vCPU/8GB, 16vCPU/16GB, 32vCPU/32GB
Memory Optimized CPU:RAM eq 1:4 2vCPU/8GB, 2vCPU/16GB, 4vCPU/16GB, 4vCPU/32GB, 8vCPU/32GB, 16vCPU/64GB, 32vCPU/128GB

Image 2.78 Resize Instance Page

Image 2.79 Resize Instance Page

  • If the data has been successfully changed, there will be a notification “Instance flavor has been successfully changed”.

Image 2.80 Resize Instance - Successful Notification