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Chapter XVI: 16.1 Import Project

Here are the steps to import the Deka Prime project into the Cloudka Portal service:

  • On the Cloud Portal service page click the Import Deka Prime menu in Project Module.

Image 16.1 Cloudeka Portal Services

  • The Import Deka Prime page features the following forms:

Image 16.2 Import Deka Prime (a)

Table 16.1 Import Deka Prime

Column Description
Choose Region There are currently two regional options:
a. Banten
b. Jakarta
Deka Prime Organization Is the username organization administrator .
Deka Prime User Deka Prime user account name.
Deka Prime Password Password used on Deka Prime.
  • After filling in all columns click Import.

Image 16.3 Import Deka Prime (b)

  • Wait until the import process completes and displays Import Status.

Image 16.4 Import Deka Prime (c)