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Chapter XII: 12.4 Deploy CDN

Cloudeka Portal Service automatically starts the system after you finish saving the configuration. However, a Deploy button is provided to start the system manually if you want to ensure a saved configuration, you can use the Deploy feature by following these steps:

  • On the CDN Menu page, in the Action column click the More button and select Details.

Image 12.29 Halaman CDN

  • On the Overview tab click the Deploy button.

Image 12.30 CDN - Overview Tab

  • Display the Deploy window click Yes.

    Image 12.31 CDN - Deploy Window

  • The Deploying CDN notification displays wait until the process completes until the CDN has been successfully deployed notification displays stating that the techwrite CDN configuration has been saved.

Image 12.32 Deploy CDN Process

Image 12.33 Deploy CDN Success