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Chapter XII: 12.3 Configuration CDN via Editor

You can configure the CDN that has been created through the Editor provided in the CDN Menu on the Cloudeka Portal Service.

  • On the Manage Module click the CDN Menu.

Image 12.20 Project Page

  • On the CDN Menu page, in the Action column, click the button More then select Detail.

Image 12.21 Menu CDN Page

  • The CDN Details page appears, click the Editor tab.

    Image 12.22 Halaman Menu CDN - Detail - Editor

You can change the protocol port for the domain used by following these steps:

  • In the CDN editor, there are three backend code functions that define the domain. Each backend code uses port 443, which is the port used for the HTTPS website protocol. Change port 443 to port 80 which is used for the HTTP website protocol.

Image 12.23 Editor CDN - Port 443

Image 12.24 Editor CDN - Port 80

  • Click the Save button to save port changes.

Image 12.25 Editor CDN - Save Configuration

  • Show window Save Editor click button Yes.

Image 12.26 Notification Save Configuration

  • Wait for notification Updating CDN finished until the notification changes to CDN VCL has been successfully updated!

Image 12.27 Editor CDN - Update

Image 12.28 Editor CDN - Success