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Chapter XII: 12.1 Create CDN

Following are the steps for creating a CDN on the Cloudeka Portal Service.

  • On the Manage Module click the CDN Menu.

Image 12.1 Project Page

  • The CDN Menu page appears, then click Create CDN.

Image 12.2 CDN Page

  • Fill in the fields provided on the Create CDN page.

Image 12.3 Create CDN Form

Tabel 12.1 Create CDN Form

Column Description
Domain The name of the website address used.
Location There are 3 options:
a. TKP is located in the Banten area.
b. TBS is located in the Jakarta area.
c. JAH is located in the Purwakarta area.
Port There are 2 options among them:
a. Port 443 is used for HTTPS websites.
b. Port 80 is used for HTTP websites.
Billing Type The type of payment used in the project.
  • On the Domain column fill in the domain name

    Image 12.4 Form Create CDN - Domain

    • On the Location column checklist TKP.

    Image 12.5 Create CDN Form- Location

    • On the Port column check the HTTPS port 443.

    Image 12.6 Create CDN Form - Port

    • On column Billing Type select payment type Fixed.

    Image 12.7 Create CDN Form - Billing Type

    • After filling out all the forms, click the Create CDN button.

    Image 12.8 Create CDN Form

    • Show notification Creating the CDN that the CDN creation process is in progress, wait for the notification to change to CDN [nama domain] has been successfully created!.

    Image 12.9 Creating the CDN

    Image 12.10 Success Create CDN