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Chapter XI: 11.1 Create Deka SSL

Here are the steps to create Deka SSL:

  • Click the SSL menu to go to the SSL page.

Image 11.1 Cloudeka Portal Service Page

  • On the SSL page, click the Create SSL button.

Image 11.2 SSL

  • Page will appear Create SSL.

Image 11.3 Create SSL

Table 11.1 Create SSL Form

Column Description
DNS Name that has been created with active status.
FQDN FQDN (Fully-Qualified Domain Name) is a complete domain name consisting of a hostname and a domain name.
Description A brief description of the SSL created.
  • In the DNS section, select an active and fill in the FQDN.

Image 11.4 Create SSL Form (a)

Image 11.5 Create SSL Form(b)

  • After that, fill in the Description and click the Create SSL.

Image 11.6 Create SSL Form (c)

  • SSL is being built.

Image 11.7 Create SSL Form(d)

  • Notification will appear SSL has been successfully created.

Image 11.8 Create SSL Form (e)