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Chapter X: 10.3 Delete DNS

Here are the steps to remove the created DNS:

  • User can delete DNS that is no longer in use. Go to DNS page, the page will show DNS Management

Image 10.11 DNS Management

  • Click action button with 3 dots aligned downwards

Image 10.12 DNS Management - DNS Delete(a)

  • Click Delete button

Image 10.13 DNS Management- DNS Delete(b)

  • DNS Delete pop-up appears, click Confirm button

Image 10.14 Delete DNS Confirm

  • Type the name of the delected DNS, then click Delete button

Image 10.15 Delete DNS Confirm

  • A notification appears DNS has been successfully deleted

Image 10.16 DNS Deleted Successfully

  • After the DNS is successfully deleted, the user will return to the DNS Management page

Image 10.17 DNS Management Page