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Chapter I: 1.9 Check Billing

This billing page allows you to view the cost of using Cloudeka Cloud. This report page displays a chart plotting usage costs for all projects.

  • On the Cloudeka main page click the Billing menu

Image 1.79 List Project Page

  • On the Billing page, there are four tabs

Table 1.17 Billing Type

Column Description
Daily Cost Estimated Users can view daily cost estimate information for all projects or only view specific project estimates.
Monthly Cost Users can view cost info according to List project, Project Type and Monthly Cost.
Invoice Users can only view or download invoices for projects with Prepaid (pre-paid) status or invoices with Postpaid (post-paid)
Summary Monthly Users can view detailed status of cost info and download invoices for all projects

Image 1.80 Billing Page

  • On the Daily Cost Estimated tab, used to see the estimated cost per day that has been used by each project in the organization.

Image 1.81 Billing Page-Daily Cost Estimated

Tabel 1.18 Table Daily Cost Estimated

Column Description
Date Transaction history date when the project uses the service.
Project Name of project.
Service The name of the service used in the project.
Status The state of the service used.
Charge Service charge status used by the project.
Bill Estimate Estimated cost estimates used in the services used.
Action In this column there is a Detail button, if you click Details it displays the details of the service used:
- Service Name, the name of the service used by the project.
- Specification, the specification of the device used by the project.
- Price, the price set for the service used by the project.
- Billing Type, the type of payment used by the organization.
- Created At, displays the date and time when the service was used by the project.
- Deleted At, displays the date and time when the service is no longer used by the project.
- Status, displays the state of the service used.
- Usage, displays the total service usage used by the project.
- Billed Estimated, the estimated cost used by the project.

  • On the Monthly Cost tab, users can see a detailed summary of the use of all services by pressing the See Summarry All Services button.

Image 1.82 Billing-Monthly Cost Page

Image 1.83 Monthly Cost Detail Page

Table 1.19 Billing Type

Pay per Use Fixed
- Cost by percentage (%) availability of hourly instances used by project type Prepaid and instance per day used by project type Postpaid Usage Based - Suppose the instance is used for 10 minutes in 1 hour, then the customer will be charged the full 1 hour based on the Pay per user price
- If the total houre in 1 (one) running month are more than 700 hours, then the fee will be based on the monthly price
- Service fee category with fixed payment with special contract with Lintasarta

  • On the Invoice tab, users can press the Details button to view invoice details and press the Download button to download the invoice.

Image 1.84 Billing-Invoice-Prepaid Page

Image 1.85 Billing Page-Invoice-Postpaid

Image 1.86 Detail-Invoice-Postpaid Page

Image 1.87 Invoice File

  • On the Summary Monthly tab, users can press the Details button to view invoice details and press the Download button to download the invoice.

Image 1.88 Billing-Summary Monthly Page

Image 1.89 Billing Page- Summary Monthly Detail Page

Image 1.90 Invoice File - Summary Monthly