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Chapter I: 1.5 Project

The Project menu is the basis for creating, activating, and using all services in the Cloudeka application. There are three subsections in this menu:

1.5.1 Create a New Project
1.5.2 List Service
1.5.3 Delete Project

1.5.1 Create a New Project

On this page, you can create a new project that will be registered in the Cloudeka application. Customers can create more than one project.

  • Click the New Project menu.

Image 1.23 Project List

  • Fill the fields in the Add New Project window, namely:

Table 1.5 Form Add New Project

Column Description
Project Name The name of your project
Description Project Description of your project

You must be fill the fields, then click the Create button.

Image 1.24 Form Add New Project

  • If the new project has been successfully created, a pop up will appear “Data has been saved! Your data has been submitted. Please wait if the data has not appeard”.

Image 1.25 Notification

1.5.2 List Service

If you have been successfully create a project, you can see the information of project service limit. The service limit are usage status Instance, Storage, Object Storage and Network.

  • On project list page, click the project name that you want to see it service limit information. For example, click LMD Project

Image 1.26 Project List

  • The project detail will be appear, and then click List Service button

Image 1.27 Project Page

  • The information of service limit of the project will be display

Image 1.28 Service Limit Page

Image 1.29 Service Limit Page

1.5.3 Delete Project

If you want to delete existing project data in the Cloudeka application, you must delete all existing services first. Please follow the steps below.

  • On the main page there is a list of projects stored in the Cloudeka application. Select the project name to delete.

Image 1.30 List Project

  • Project details will appear, then click the Settings Project button

Image 1.31 Project Page

  • Click the Delete Project button.

Image 1.32 Setting Project Page

  • Select the Delete Project button to continue the process of deleting the project or the Cancel button if you want to cancel the process of deleting the project.

Image 1.33 Confirm Delete

  • A warning will appear regarding the deletion of project data, if you are sure and know all the consequences, please type the name of the project to be deleted in the column provided: type [Project Name], example [“Test Project”], then click the button “I understand the consequences, delete this repository”.

Image 1.34 Warning

  • Deleted data will no longer appear on the main page.

Image 1.35 Project Page