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Chapter I: 1.2 Sign In

If you already have an account on the Service Portal Cloudeka, then all you need to do is access Cloudeka on your browser, it will open the Sign In Now! page. To Sign In, fill in the Email Address and Password fields that you registered earlier, then click the Sign In button

Image 1.6 Sign In Now Page

For new users, you will be asked to fill in the Create Organization form, namely:

Table 1.2 Form Create Organization

Column Description
Name of Organization Your Organization name
Details Details or description of your Organization
Address The address of your Organization
Phone Number Phone number of your Organization

You must be fill the fields, after all the fields are filled, click the Create button.

Image 1.7 Form Create Organization

  • After creating Organization, new customers will be asked to create a new project by filling out the Create New Project form, namely:

Table 1.3 Form Create New Project

Column Description
Project Name The name of your project
Description Project Description of your project

You must be fill the fields, after the fields are filled, then click the Create Project button. This Project is the basis for using all Cloudeka services.

Image 1.8 Form Create New Project

  • If Sign In has been successful, the Service Portal Cloudeka will display project list information such as project name, project ID and a brief description of the project

Image 1.9 Project List

1.2.1 Forgot Password

If you forget the Password used when you will Sign In in the Service Portal Cloudeka. You can use the Forgot Password button to recover the password, customers can do the following ways:

  • Click Forgot Password button.

Image 1.10 Form Sign In

  • Fill in the email field, then click the Submit button.

Image 1.11 Form Forgot Password

  • Then a pop up will appear “Request Success, Please check your email to change your password”

Image 1.12 Check Email Command

  • To change the password, click the Reset Password button that the Cloudeka application sent to your email. However, if the Reset Password button cannot be used, then you can use the link provided.

Image 1.13 Verification

  • You will be asked to fill in the form Create New Password. fill the fields, namely:

Table 1.4 Form Create New Password

Column Description
New Password Type your new password, the password cannot be the same as before, consist of a minimum of 8 characters using a combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers & symbols. It is made for the security of customer data. If the password created does not match the existing provisions, a warning will appear, for example: must include the symbol
Confirm New Password Re-type your new password
  • Then click the Create Password button.

Image 1.14 Form Create Password

  • If the process of changing password is successful, you can Sign In by using a new Password.