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Push Repositories

To upload a repository, make sure you have installed a desktop docker on your computer. Use an account with the role Creator to view keywords used in Members.

Install Docker on Computer

Here are the steps to install Docker on a computer:

  • Download Docker Desktop to customize the operating system used on your computer. In this usage guide, use the Windows operating system. Wait for the download to complete.

Docker Dekstop Page

  • Install the downloaded Docker Dekstop.

Docker Dekstop Download

Docker Dekstop Installing

Docker Dekstop Installing

  • On the Deka Registry page of the Cloudka portal service.

Deka Registry Page

  • On the Members tab click the More button and click Show Password.

Push Repositositories

  • Enter a password to log in to the Cloudka portal service and click the Confirm button to display the password that the Register Member uses.

Push Repositositories (b)

  • Copy the displayed password.

Push Repositositories (c)

  • Run a Docker Desktop that is already installed on the computer.

Docker Dekstop

  • In Docker Desktop click Sign In.

Docker Dekstop

  • Enter the name, password obtained in the member and click Continue to continue the process of logging into Docker Desktop.

Docker Dekstop

Docker Dekstop

  • Make sure you already have a repository to push to the Deka Rock repository.

Docker Dekstop

Push Docker Image Repositories

Here are the steps to upload a repository in the Cloudka portal service:

  • On the Register Deka page click the Overview button to view the syntax used to create the docker image.

Command Docker Image (a)

  • Open a Command Prompt and type the following syntax to log in to the docker. Enter the username and password.
docker login

Command Docker Image (b)

  • To view the repositories, and tags available locally on your computer by running the following syntax.
docker image ls

Command Docker Image (c)

  • Give the image a tag by running the following syntax.
docker tag REPOSITORY[:TAG][:TAG]

Command Docker Image (d)

  • Run the following syntax to push the image to your repository in the Deka Registry in the Cloudka portal service.
docker push[:TAG]

Command Docker Image (e)

  • Successfully pushed images are available on the Repositories tab of your Cloudka portal service.

Push Repositories Success