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SAST: Issue Code

The Issue Code page displays all problems in your project repository.

Issue Code

The Issue Code page displays the issue on your project.
a. Type displays the type of problem code.

Issue Code - Type

Column Description
Code Smells An indication in the source code that indicates a possible problem in the implementation.
Bug A failure in software that results in behavior that does not match the expected specifications.
Vulnerability A vulnerability in repository code that an attacker can use to access in an unauthorized.

b. Severities display the severity category of the issue code that occurred.

Issue Code - Severities

Column Description
Blocker Bug with a high probability of impacting the behavior of the application in production.
Critical Either a bug with a low probability of impacting the behavior of the application in production or an issue that represents a security flaw.
Minor Problems arise that have a relative impact on system functionality.
Major Problems arise that have a significant impact compared to minor problems, which can affect user experience, performance and therefore need to be addressed.
Info Displays additional information that does not belong to the problem category. It can be used to provide an explanation of the code.

c. Status displays the state of an issue in the problem code.

Issue Code - Status

Column Description
Open Set on new issues.
Confirmed Displaying the issue state has been confirmed by the developer so that the problem exists in the process of resolving.
Resolve (Fixed) Displays the state the issue has been considered and the solution has been applied so that this state is considered resolved.
Resolve (False Positive) Displaying the previously reported state of the issue turns out to be no problem so it is considered unnecessary to fix it.
Resolve as won’t fix Showing the state of the issue has been confirmed so that the problem state persists but is agreed not to be fixed.

You can effectively change issues to multiple files in the repository by following these steps:

  • On the Issue Code page check the problem code.

Bulk Change (a)

  • Display the Bulk Change form, in the Change Severity column, select the condition to change simultaneously and click the Apply button to save the changes.

Bulk Change (b)

Bulk Change (b)