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Scan Project

You can enable scanning automatically. Here are the steps to automatically enable scanning:

  • On the Cloudka portal services page click the Summary Project menu in Deka AST.

Scan Project (a)

  • On the Project Summary page click the SCAN PROJECT button.

Scan Project (b)

  • Wait until the scan completes until the Your project has been successfully scanned.

Scan Project (c)

Scan Project (d)

  • SCAN SUCCESS project status has been successful.

Scan Project (e)

You can enable project scanning automatically by performing the settings as below:

  • On the Summary Project page select Setting Project.

Auto Scan Project (a)

  • Enable slider to ON.

Auto Scan Project (b)

  • Select Daily/Weekly/Monthly and enter the date and hour.

Auto Scan Project (c)

  • Click Update Project to save the changes.

Auto Scan Project (d)

  • Edit Project Data Success notification displays.

Auto Scan Project (e)