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Kubernetes Dashboard

The Kubernetes Dashboard provides a centralized view to manage and monitor Kubernetes clusters. On this call it uses a Linux operating system. Here are the steps to log into the Kubernetes Dashboard:

  • On the service page of the Cloudka portal select the Deka Harbor menu on the Platform.

Kubernetes Dashboard (a)

  • Select the Deka Harbor cluster click the More button in the Action select Details column.

Kubernetes Dashboard (b)

  • Download Kubernates Config on the Config tab.

Kubernetes Dashboard (c)

  • Download and install the cubectl on your computer according to the operating system used. Click this link to learn more about installing other operating systems.
  • Next, extract the downloaded Kubernates Config file.
export KUEBCONFIG={/path/config}

Kubernetes Dashboard (d)

  • Create tokens by copying the following syntax. Make sure the token code is stored in a safe place.
kubectl -n kubernetes-dashboard create token admin-user

Kubernetes Dashboard (e)

  • To open the Kubernates Dashboard back to the Deka Harbor page click the More button and select Kubernates Dashboard.

Kubernetes Dashboard (f)

  • You will be directed to the Kubernates service dashboard login page. Select Token and enter the acquired token.

Kubernetes Dashboard (g)

  • You made it to the Kubernates Dashboard. Click this link to learn more about Kubernetes.

Kubernetes Dashboard (h)