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Configuration Worker

On workers you can configure workers by adding or removing workers on Deka Harbor. Workers that cannot be deleted according to the limit entered by Superadmin.

Add Worker

Here are the steps to add workers:

  • On the service page of the Cloudka portal select the Deka Harbor menu on the Platform.

Add Worker (a)

  • Select the cluster to which the worker will be added by clicking More in the Action column and clicking Detail.

Add Worker (b)

  • On the Worker tab click the Create Worker button.

Add Worker (c)

  • Select the flavored worker and the number of nodes to add. Click the Create button to continue with the process.

Add Worker (d)

  • Wait until the process completes and the worker displays on the worker list.

Add Worker (e)

Add Worker (f)

Delete Worker

You can only remove added workers manually. Here are the steps to remove the worker:

  • On the Worker tab select an unused worker by clicking the Delete button.

Delete Worker (a)

  • Click the Confirm button.

Delete Worker (b)

  • Wait until the removal process is complete and a “Deka Harbor Worker [worker name] has successfully deleted!” notice displays.

Delete Worker (c)

Delete Worker (d)