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Open Console with Openshift

Here are the steps to run the Deka ROCK console on the Cloudeka portal service:

  • On the Cloudeka portal service page, select Platform, then click the Deka ROCK menu.

Open Console (a)

  • On the Deka ROCK page, click More and select the Details button.

Open Console (b)

  • Copy the username and password on the Overview tab. For Password, click on the eyeball, enter the password used when logging in to the Cloudeka portal service, and click the Copy Openshift Password button to copy the password used to enter the Openshift service.

Open Console (c)

Open Console (d)

Open Console (e)

  • On the Overview section click the URL address available on the Console. You are directed to Openshift click the htpasswd button.

Open Console (f)

  • Display pages to log in to OpenShift select httpasswd.

Open Console (g)

  • Enter the copied username and password.

Open Console (h)

  • You have made it to the Openshift service. For more guidance on Openshift please click here.

Open Console (i)