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Create CDN

Following are the steps for creating a CDN on the Cloudeka Portal Service.

  • On the Manage Module click the CDN Menu.

Project Page

  • The CDN Menu page appears, then click Create CDN.

CDN Page

  • Fill in the fields provided on the Create CDN page.

Create CDN Form

Create CDN Form

Column Description
Domain The name of the website address used.
Location There are 3 options:
a. TKP is located in the Banten area.
b. TBS is located in the Jakarta area.
c. JAH is located in the Purwakarta area.
Port There are 2 options among them:
a. Port 443 is used for HTTPS websites.
b. Port 80 is used for HTTP websites.
Billing Type The type of payment used in the project.
  • On the Domain column fill in the domain name

    Form Create CDN - Domain

    • On the Location column checklist TKP.

    Create CDN Form- Location

    • On the Port column check the HTTPS port 443.

    Create CDN Form - Port

    • On column Billing Type select payment type Fixed.

    Create CDN Form - Billing Type

    • After filling out all the forms, click the Create CDN button.

    Create CDN Form

    • Show notification Creating the CDN that the CDN creation process is in progress, wait for the notification to change to CDN [nama domain] has been successfully created!.

    Creating the CDN

    Success Create CDN