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Access Object Storage using S3 Browser

This section describe how to access your object storage using S3 browser. Before you can access it, you need to download and install S3 Browser on your computer.

S3 Browser is a Windows application that is used as S3 client to access files stored in buckets and allows to manage S3 storage settings. You can upload, download and delete files, create folders, and perform other file management operations without using a web browser. Moreover, you can change options such as bucket policy, logging settings, manage users, edit permissions, and bucket sharing options.

If you already have S3 browser installed on your computer, follow these steps to access your object storage using S3 browser.

  • Open S3 browser on your computer.

Open S3 Browser

  • It will shown the window to Add new Account. fill the fields:

Add New Account

Column Description
Display Name Your display name.
Account type Choose S3 Compatible Storage
REST Endpoint
Access Key ID Your Access Key ID.
Secret Access Key Your Secret Access Key.

If all fields are filled in, click the Add new account button.

Add New Account

  • Now you can access your bucket.

S3 Browser