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Managing Object Storage Access Key

Object Storage Access Key is the unique identifier for an object within a bucket, access key will generate Key ID and Secret Key. to manage access keys, follow the instructions below:

  • Go to Object Storage page. there will show you an object storage list.

Object Storage Page

  • Choose the bucket that you want to manage, in the Action column click More. then select Manage Access Keys.

Halaman Object Storage - Manage Access Key

  • On the manage access key page, it will show access key list. the columns shown are:

Manage Access Key

Column Description
Access Key Name The name of the access key
User User who have access key
Key ID Key ID for access the bucket
Secret ID Secret ID for access the bucket
Created Data Access key creation time

Object Storage Page - Manage Access Key

  • If you want to see your Secret Key, just click eye icon on the Secret Key column.

Halaman Object Storage - Access Key

  • It will pop up “Reveal Your Access Key” window, that will show your Access Key ID. If you want to reveal your Secret Key, type your Cloudeka password in the Your Password field then click Reveal.

Reveal Your Access Key

  • After that, your Secret Key will appear.

Reveal Your Access Key - Secret Key

  • You can also create a new access key for another user so that other user also can access to the bucket. to create a new access key, click Create Access Key.

Create Access Key

  • It will show Create New Access Key window, fill the form below.
    • Access Key Name, the name of the access key.
    • Select user, select the user that you want to give access. If all form are filled in, click Confirm.

Create New Access Key

  • After that, there will be a notification “New Access Key has been successfully created” and also will appear the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key.