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Create Object Stporage

Following are the steps to create an object storage:

  • To create Object Storage, on the Cloudeka Portal select the Object Storage menu, then click the Create Object Storage button.

Object Storage - Create Object Storage

  • Fill in the Create Object Storage form, namely:

Create Object Storage Form

Column Description
Select Volume Size Enter volume size in GB
Region Object storage region, us-east-1 is a region
Billing Type Type of billing is Default
Choose a unique name Give a unique name for your object storage, can only contain lowercase letters, numbers, and dash

  • If all the forms are filled in, click the Create Object Storage button

Create Object Storage Form

Create Object Storage Form

  • If the Object Storage is successfully created a pop-up will appear “Object Storage has been successfully Created”. On the object storage page, a list of storage objects that have been created will appear. The columns that are displayed are:

Object Storage

Column Description
Name Name of your object storage
Billing Type Type of billing
Status Status of your object storage (if the status is “Active”, the storage can be used)
Quota Size The quota size of your object storage
Created Data Object storage creating time

Object Storage Page - Successful Notification