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Custom Image

Custom images are available only to your Cloud project, you can import your custom images to Cloudeka. Then, use the custom image to create an instance. to create custom image, follow the steps below:

  • Click Images menu, then go to Custom Image page, On the Custom Images page click Import Via URL button.

Custom Image Page

  • In the Import an Image via URL form, fill the form then click Import.

Import an Image via URL Form

Column Description
Image Name Name of your image (example custom-test1)
Version Number Version number of your image
Image URL URL of your image that you want to import

Import an Image via URL Form

  • Importing custom image will take some time based on the size of your image.

Custom Image Proccess

  • After importing custom image is successful, there will be a success notification “custom-test1 has been successfully imported” and the image status is active.