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This section describe how to backup an instance. A backup is an automatic snapshot of your instance. Backup are made once a week and retained for four weeks. Once enabled, backup add 20% to monthly instance cost.

Please note : the project has enough storage for daily backups. Volume needed = total vm volume * (retention day + 1).

Prerequisites Backup Instance

Before doing a Backup Instance, you must have an Instance first. If you don’t have an Instance yet, you can deploy an Instance in Create VM Instance

Backup Instance

To backup your instance, follow the steps below:

  • Click Images menu, then go to Backups page.

Image - Backups

  • Fill in the form Enable Backups.

Enable Backups

Column Description
Instance Choose an instance that you want to backup
Backup Time To determine the time when the backups starts
Duration To determine the retention time of your backups, the duration options are:
- 7 Days
- 14 Days
- 30 Days
- 90 Days
- 365 Days
Backup Name Name of your backups

After all the fields are filled, click the Enable Backups button.

Image - Enable Backups

  • If it is successful there will be a notification “Instance backup scheduler has been successfully enabled”.

A list of backup scheduler will appear, namely:

List Backup Scheduler

Column Description
Name The name of your backup
Instance The instance that you are backing up
Backup Time The schedule time to backup the instance
Duration Retention time of your backup
Number of Backup Total number of your backup
Created At Backup schedule creation time
Action Options to delete the backup scheduler, create and restore instance from the backup