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Creating and attching a storage or disk

You can create a blank disk and attach it to your VM instance. This is a non-root disk.

  • On the main page of the Cloudeka application, select the Storage menu.

Project Page - Storage

  • Click the Create Storage button

Create Storage

  • Fill in the Create Storage form, namely:

Create Storage Form

Column Description
Storage Type - Premium Volume SSD with 2250 - 4500 IOPS
- Premium Volume SSD with 750 - 2500 IOPS
Select Volume Size To determine size of storage that you need
Do you want to attach this storage to an instance or not? You can choose yes if you want attach the storage to an instance, or choose not if you want attach the storage later
Select Instance Select an instance to specify on which VM this storage will be attached
Name Volume Name for the volume
Billing Type According to the type of project used.
Zone Zone to be used on Storage.

Then click the Create Storage button to save the data or Cancel if you don’t want to save the data.

Create Storage Form

Create Storage Form

  • There will be a notification if the data is saved successfully “Storage has been successfully created”.