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Create Load Balancer

You can enjoy a Load Balancer in Cloudka Portal Services, you must create a Load Balancer earlier, following these steps:

  • On the Cloudka portal, open the Network menu, select Load Balancer, and click Create Load Balancer.

Network - Load Balancer

  • Fill in the Name, Flavor, VPC Network,, column fields, and click Create Load Balancer.

Create Load Balancer Form

Form Create Load Balancer

Column Description
Name Your name load balancer.
Flavor Flavor for your instance size.
VPC Network The VPC network must be in the same segment as the instance to be load-balancing.

  • The notification Creating the Load Balancer will appear and the Status column will show ON-PROGRESS.

Notification - Creating the Load Balancer

  • If the load balancer is successfully created, a notification will appear Load balancer [nama load balancer] has successfully created.

Notification - Load Balancer has successfully created

  • The load Balancer is up and running.

Load Balancer Page

Table to appear on the Load Balancer page as follows.

Load Balancer

Column Description
Name Name of the Load Balancer created.
Floating IP The public IP address that instance uses.
Flavor The type of instance size used.
Status There are three types of Load Balancer status CREATED means the Load Balancer is ready for use, ON-PROGRESS means the Load Balancer is being prepared by the system so that it cannot be used yet, and Failed means that the load balancer failed to create, you can contact the Cloudka Portal Services support team.
Action There are two actions that can be performed:
a. Configuration for configuring protocols to be used on the backend and frontend parts.
Delete to remove an unused Load Balancer.

After you have successfully created a load balancer, then the next step you configure the required protocols. There are currently three protocols: