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Deka SLB

Deka SLB distributes network traffic to across multiple instances to improve service capability and application availability. Cloudeka Load Balancer provides several features, including.

  • Multiple protokol Cloudeka Cloudeka load balancer supports multiple protocols to meet your needs. Currently, several protocols are available:
    • TCP
    • HTTP
    • HTTPS
  • Health Check, to periodically check the state of the backend instance. This will automatically stop sending traffic to the non-responsive instances.
  • Certificate Management, provides certificate management for HTTPS requests to ensure transmission reliability and security.

In load balance, there are 3 algorithm methods used, including the following:

Load Balancer Method

Column Description
Roundbin It is a load method that is given sequentially from one server to another so that it forms a round.
Least Connection It is a load method that is given based on the server that has the fewest connections in the lists of servers available.
Source The method selects the server to use based on the hash of the source IP address from which the user made the request so that in this method ensures that the same user will connect to the same server

Before creating a Load Balancer, you must first have an Instance. If you don’t have an Instance yet, you can create an Instance first. For an explanation about creating a Create VM Instance, you can read Chapter II Deka Flexi: Compute.