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Check Audit Log

This menu is used to view all Cloudeka application user log activities.

  • Click the Organization menu then select Audit Log.

List Project Page

  • On the Activity page, all user activities will appear.

User Activity

Column Description
Event The main activity of the user contains login, create, delete, etc
IP address The IP address of the activity
Project The name of the project used
Date The date the activity was carried out

Activity Page

Users can also download activity logs on the Cloudeka application. Here are the steps.

  • Click the Download button

Activity Page

  • Select the data to be downloaded, by clicking the Select Project column and the Days column.

Filter Download Audit - Select Project

  • Select all or one of the available projects in the Select Project column

Filter Download Audit - Select Project

  • Select the desired number of days, whether 1 day, 7 days, 20 days, or 30 days.

Filter Download Audit - Days

  • If both columns have been selected, click the Download button to download the data or Cancel if you cancel downloading the data.

Filter Download Audit - Days

  • The downloaded data will be saved in your Computer in Ms.Excel format. Click the data, then the downloaded data will appear.
  • The data displayed is Time, ID, Action, Actor IP, Resource, Organization, Project and Metadata.

Filter Download Audit - Download

Ms. Excel