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To be able to access the Services Portal Cloudeka you must first have an account. It only takes one time Sign Up in the following way, access Cloudeka on your browser, then the Sign In Now! page will open.

  • Then click the Sign Up button.

Sign In Now Page

After that you will be asked to fill in the fields below:

Sign Up

Column Description
Fullname Customer’s full name
Email Which will be used when you Sign In, the email currently only supports corporate email
Password Consist of a minimum of 8 characters using a combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers & symbols. It is made for the security of customer data. If the password created does not match the existing provisions, a warning will appear, for example: must include the symbol
Phone Number Customer’s phone number
NPWP Number Customer’s Taxpayer Identification Number
Upload NPWP Upload Image of Customer’s Taxpayer Identification Number
Upload KTP Upload Image of Customer’s Identity

Form Sign Up

  • Click Check Box Term of Services and click the Sign Up button. then a pop up will appear Congratulations Your account has been successfully created!. Please check your email for your account verification

Email Check Command

  • For email verification, you can click the Verify Your Email Address button and then follow the next steps. However, if the Verify Your Email Address button cannot be used, then you can use the provided link, by clicking the link or copying it to your browser.

Email Verification

  • If it is finished, a pop up will appear Verification Successfull! You have successfully email verification. now you can login to Lintasarta

Verification Has Been Successful

  • Now you have an account in Services Portal Cloudeka. For further, if you want to access Service Portal Cloudeka you can Sign In.