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This menu allows you to view remaining balance, transaction history, top-up history, payment details, and make bill payments.

  • On the main page, click the Balance menu

List Project

  • Information contained on the Balance page.

Balance Page

Billing Page

Column Description
Balance User can see the balance
Detail Payment User can see Organization, Total Project, Project, Email
Outstanding User can see Project Name, Payment Method, and Outstanding Amount payment fee to be paid
Choose Payment Users can choose to make payment transactions using ATM or VA via Credit Card/Bank BNI/Bank Mandiri/Bank Maybank/Bank Permata

Billing Payment

  • On the Balance Menu page, at the bottom there is a Choose Payment, to be able to make a payment click Project Name.

Billing Payment (a)

  • After you choose which project you want to pay for, the total that must be paid will appear.

Billing Payment (b)

  • Then select the payment method in Choose Payment, then click Continue Payment.

Billing Payment (c)

  • A payment page will appear, click Proceed Payment to continue the process and display the Virtual Account number.

Billing Payment (d)

  • At the top, you can see the Virtual Account Number, payment steps, and the expiry date of the VA. Make payment according to the steps shown on your screen. Then click Back to Merchant.

Billing Payment (e)

  • Show Payment Status by displaying Success Payment status

Billing Payment (f)

  • Your payment will be entered in Invoice in the Billing menu, click Download to print the payment invoice.

Billing Payment (g)

Billing Payment (h)